Traveling with your disks - what do you use?

Need a great new cd/dvd wallet…does anyone have one that they love?


On rare occasion i have to go out to a site to work on clients computers and i use a high impact aluminum case.You will find that most of the internal parts of a cd case are basically the same. there is a pouch with a scratch proof liner. Most companies use the same type liner. So if you are looking for heavyweight protection look for outside case construction material. Aluminum cases are generally well made and provide superior protection for your dvd/cd collection. The brand is not really that important.

backups get tossed on a spindle or in a cd wallet and thrown around the car and generally abused.

that’s the great thing about backups. keep the originals tucked away and when the backup gets destroyed, just make a new one…

I like slappa for both travel and home. I really like the quality and looks.

SLAPPA - Hands down is the best for CD and DVD Protection. forget case logic and those other cheap cases, SLAPPA is the best quality for your money, PLUS the disk slevees are patented…how can you beat that?