Travel to Europe

I was wondering if anyone has any good experiences looking for airline tickets at a reasonable price from the US to Europe (Scotland)? I have been looking online but was interested if someone might have found someone other than Expedius, Orbitz etc. I am planning a trip for later this summer to meet my inlaws. :slight_smile:

I sometimes use from Canada to UK - they’re cheap, and I think have started service from NY now.

Thanks for the reply but unfortunately no flights from US yet. :frowning:

see if you pmed me and said hey lets go to europe …i’d be all over looking for a reasonable rate…so you could spend more $$ on me shopping :wink: but in all honesty pricewatch or discount travel would be my only two options

Yo Paul-

Try - or -eh!

Try or - I found orbitz to be cheaper most of the times. Expedia on the other hand has better ‘overall’ packages. Cant go wrong with either.

I too am planning a trip to Europe with my wife somewhere around December :slight_smile: My wife stayed in Scotland for about 2 years. She’s all in praise for it.

Have a great time!

If only I was single again :flower: :wink:
Thanks for the tip SS.