Trashed my LTR0841

I think I have trashed my LTR-0841. I feel really stupid. Well, I have tried to upgrade my LTR-0841 which is a 8x 4x 32x rewriter. I’ve read here that it could be upgraded to a LTR-12101B, which is 12x 10x 32x, quite cool. Well, I’ve downloaded the firmware and started flashing my drive, this is where I screwed up things, I think. After flashing I got an error message, saying something about compare error or something, then I restarted my machine, my drive seemed to be detected, but I didn’t trust it, so I wanted to reflash my old firmware back into it. Unfortunately, this went totally wrong, it started flashing, gave an error message: “ATAPI command error” ,or something and when I restarted my system my rewriter was not recognized anymore by the bios. My question is: how can I reflash my screwed up rewriter so it will be functional again?

Look here:

Flash again with pflash (not mtkflash, and with the correct binary firmware!) after having done the jumper trick like shown at this pick:

Thanx for the help, I’ve put a jumper on it, reflashed my drive and it is working again. I’ve flashed it with the firmware from the 12101B, my system recognizes it now as a 12101B.