Transparent transcoding DVD -> AVC?

What setting should I use for efficient but essentially transparent transcoding of dvd movies to ND AVC to be used for playback on large screen high def TV?

no one?

Transparent transcoding? Why not just select nero digital avc then hdtv under nd profile?

you shouldnt need hdtv setting for DVD correct? The resolution of DVD is below HDTV so you may get output that is larger then needed.

I’ve been playing with ND AVC for a while now because I’m ripping my collection for my media center. If you view a regular DVD (no HD) unless your player offers upscaling the picture tends to be pixelated.

I’m trying to keep the size of my files to a reasonable size so I do HDTV-AVC@800. It keeps my files around 800mb on the average. I also use all the default settings.
It’s much better then the divx equivelent.