Transmitter/reciever project

I want to build a simple transmitter which can connect to the computer via the parallel or the serial port and was wondering if anyone can help. I want to be able to send a value to the port (a number of some sort) and then the transmitter will transmit it for me. I then want another computer to recieve it again via parallel or serial port and read in the number sent. If anyone can help with any part of this be it schematics for building the simple transmitter or reciever it will be greatly appreciated.

If you have any links could you also please tell me, thx for all your help

Hi there!

I’m no genious in this matters, but I think that’d would be a great idea to supply us with some more information on how you want to setup this project.

What hardware do you want to use? Do you want to send just a random value to the LPR port and have some (intelligent) hardware piece to decode it and send it for you? Or do you want to make a software decoder that sends a bitpattern to the LPR port so that a “dumb” transmitter can send it into the sky?
Do you want to use radio signals, or rather IR? Or bluethooth? What programming language do you intend to use? Windows, Linux, MacOS, BSD, C64 platform?

thx for the response, the hardware i want to use will be a simple transmitter i am going to build possibly with a 1mhz oscillater and bit of wire or something which will use radio signals. I was going to send a specific value to the the port and then i want a reciever to pick this up and put it back into another port on a seperate computer. I was planning to use java for this programming language.

I have no idea how to send a specific value to a transmitter so if you can help me with maybe schematics to use to build the transmitter or anything you think will be of use.

At the moment the only real thing i know how to do is to send a value to the port which will turn certain pins on or off. In essence i know pretty much nothing on this so i need all the help i can get.


I don’t know much more, as I never built such a system from scratch. I did several alike things, but always made use of existing coltrollers. Maybe you can look into something like a 8051 controller or so? I mean… if you send just values to the LPR, you’ll need some piece of intelligent hardware on that port that decodes the signals you send… I think you’ll end up with some kind of microcontroller after all…

Having schematics of what the pins do on a parallel port or serial port is a start.\tutorials\parallel\parallel.html