- Movies for 2 bucks

I just posted the article - Movies for 2 bucks.

Observer used our newssubmit to tell us that is announcing that it will make movies available for only 2 dollar a piece, or if you want to buy 10 at once, for 15…

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As long as you can download VCD or SVCD compatible MPEGs I’m interested. If its some computer only format then they can keep’em. I’ll take my sofa and TV over a computer anyday.

Yeah, ok. Lemme dl the great sound of music or gribasnostovki brasjanov by Kremlinko Poetinikov or something like that. If they don’t offer newer and better known movies, they better close down shop

I hope it works out wel, and that it is in SVCD format. but hey I will check it out and rent a couple anyway… just to support the idea. besides there’s been some really cool independant ‘B’ grade Sci-Fi’s:+