Sorry if this is the wrong spot but didnt know where else to put this

I want to know if someone can help me translate something for me?:confused::bow:

I have tried some online translators but the ones i found do not have swedish which is what i assume this is

  1. Fornamn eller pseudonym

2.Efternamn eller pseudonym

  1. Anvandarnam

  2. Losenord

  3. Bekrafta losenord

  4. Bekrafta email

  5. Visa porr

  6. Hemsida

thanks for any help

Check this site:

Looks like (without using the translator) that you are asked for your personal details…
Firstname (or pseudonym), last name). It could be Danish or Norwegian too, the 3rd word is not recognised in the aforementioned link…

ok i have tried Dutch, French, German, Swedish, Greek Italian, Russian, Portuguese(Brazil), Spanish

still looking though

thanks for the help Taxman

I have a friend in Norway. I’ll ask him when he comes online next.

Where’s Airhead when you need him. :stuck_out_tongue:

Looking at the midget porn :wink:

Looks Scandinavian to me (as well).

Guess it’t time for knackebr0d :smiley:

I’m here!

I am here!

  1. Firstname/alias
  2. Lastname/alias
  3. Username
  4. Password
  5. Confirm password
  6. Confirm email
  7. Porn on/off
  8. Your homepage

And you shouldnt be doing those things :bigsmile:

ROFLMAO :bigsmile:

That’s why I could not find “Visa porr” in any of my dictionaries. LMAO.

thanks to everyone espesially Airhead for the translation

I get these lovely messages in my inbox, only there’s no link for me to click and no virus attached. Not even a picture of a bodypart!
So, what does the man want from me?

He writes

Later I recieved a follow up email

Whats the number? Phone?


He wants your body. :eek:


What springs to mind: “Lost in translation”

Maybe phone. I can translate only one part there: May. I know some other words, but…