Translating Mb to movie chapters



This post is linked below with a copy of a quality scan. Note the high PIF area at 3.0Mb. Does anyone know of a program that could tell me what movie chapter is at the 3.0Mb mark? That way I could go to that chapter, play it and quickly confirm if it plays OK. My STB DVD player is kinda picky. That 3.0Mb mark blip causes my player to skip an entire chapter. So I gotta make a new disk.

I’ve asked this before and was surprised at the lack of replys and the lack of views. Seems to me this would be something others have wanted or created. Right now to be sure the movie will play it has to be watched all the way through. Mostly I make my back ups and put them on the shelf (would think most others do this as well). It stinks to come back later and find out the movie skips an entire chapter…

See cross post here:

Does ANYBODY have any thoughts/ideas on this?