Transformers The Movie. Leaked CGI's

Transformers The Movie should beam into your eyes around May 27 2007. Until then admire these leaked CGI’s of some of the transformers:



Optimus Prime

Err … why does Prime look like he’s been in a paintball competition?

Not really thrilled about the look of the revamp. They should’ve kept it more traditional. Looks like Megatron turns into some sort of vehicle, which goes against everything as everyone knows he turns into a gun.

Well, I like the revamp, since the faces would of looked pretty boring, if made correctly. AND that’s not a picture of megatron. I mean the one with the wheel on his hand. “His” name is Barricade… The little picture after it though, is megatron. And megatron probably turns into a stealth fighter in the movie… the creators said it’d be a bit silly if he turned into a gun… They said something like: “It’d be silly… like darth vader turning into his own lightsaber… for someone else to swing around” - they wanted to make megatron a bit more powerful. And megatron has had alot of different forms in the animated series after all, so sometimes they change and get modified.

The only thing that bothers me in the “Can I believe the story at all”-factor is the fact that … if they come from outerspace, why do they look like our vehicles? Well, soldiers use camoflage too, when preparing to battle. So that’s why Barricade (Decepticon… the one that’s claimed as Megatron in the post) turns into a copcar… hence the text “To punish and enslave” or whatever it says on him. :slight_smile:
Oh yeah and it’s written in the picture too…

It’s a cool idea and let’s face it, it had to be revamped for the audience that doesn’t know the story. Let’s still give it a chance… I’ve been damn impressed by the trailer and one cgitest of a transformation I’ve seen. (

I just loved the transformers series when I was a kid… but again, let’s face it, if I’d watch em now, when I’m an adult, it wouldn’t probably be SO COOL ofcourse. So somehow I appreciate the revamp even more and the attempt to make the movie a “bit more serious” and “less sci-fi”… and modern. Just watched the old animated transformers movie from 1986 and well, it was still good, but some parts were abit childish and naive… and the music was 80’s rock and other weird psychedelic sh*t :smiley: But well, let’s see how it’ll look when it hits the theaters. I for one, at least, can’t wait :wink:

Didn’t expect much but when I saw the trailer :open_mouth: … got me amped. The cgi robotics just look seamless to the background movie and very real, unlike the spiderman movie cgi’s (too bright, too clean, too shiny… etc.) or some others… It can be great, even though everything’s not correct… I’m a bit disappointed that optimus prime will be abit different… he will be a truck, but a “Long nosed” truck, not a flat one, like the one in the cgitest. It just takes some character out of him… The front grill that held the “Matrix” in was just essential to the story… But … oh well. They’ve raped other licenses way more… and the creators are fans of transformers so it might be cool.

Awww geee, they only told you at the start of every episode :stuck_out_tongue:

The Autobots escaped from their planet being pursued by the decepticons.
The decepticons, being the incredibly bright sparks they are, crashed their ship into the autobots & they both came crashing down to earth.
The Autobots ship repaired the Autobots, and modified them to fit in …In another fit of stupidity, or perhaps outright negligence on the Autobot programmers part, the ships computer also fixed the decepticons.

What I don’t understand is how come all the bad guys get to be the superior things, because planes fly at 400KM/hr ++ and accelerate bloody quickly… Cars top out at 200KM’s for most models … 120Km/hr for trucks … not to mention the delay for accelerating :stuck_out_tongue:

I mean, if the decepticons were all cars, and the Autobots were all planes … the autobots could nuke the decepticons dastardly plans before they managed to get out the garage :stuck_out_tongue: Admittedly this would result in very short episodes … forget I mentioned anything :stuck_out_tongue: