Transformers HD DVD becomes best selling HD title

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Despite all the hype about Blu-ray’s success, the blockbuster hit from DreamWorks Pictures and Paramount Pictures, Transformers has had a major success when it comes to both high and regular…

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“So far, over 20% of consumers who bought the Transformers HD DVD have accessed its web-enabled features.” 20%, WOW, that’s way better than spam e-mail, direct mail, or telemarketing. Might be something to this after all.

oooo, 100,000… thats a big number for hd dvd. Seeing as how when a title releases on blu and hd, blu reaches way beyond that, and hd still dwells around it, seems like the numbers didn’t increase very much without blu-ray around. Besides, the buyout only lasts 18 months, then blu-ray will outsell all these hd dvd numbers again.

chuckle I was waiting for the first sony fanboy post…it came even sooner than expected. :+ :+ :+

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190K/8490K sold 2.2% of sells were HD while the remainder 97.8% were SD DVD. If this is a big debut for a disc in HD, then this tells us that these HD formats are going nowhere fast.

Found the Xbox 360 HD DVD player at a local pawnshop for $55 a couple weeks ago in perfect condition, so I picked this one up, the movie is nothing less than kick ass, and the HD looks good too. :slight_smile: I favor neither format, just went with the cheapest player. :slight_smile:

@ Bobverens LOL. You crack me up. @ shaolin007 Patience. It’ll happen. @ r_saotome Lucky bugger.

No wonder the #1 selling HD title happens to be on a HD-DVD. There is no Blu-ray version of Transformers… Why? Because Paramount got 150 Millionen to release HD movies exclusively on HD-DVD, thats why. I wonder why this very important piece of Info is missing.

There’s so much product placement in this movie that if you download it off Bit torrent you still end up paying for it. :r Hell, You pay for it even if you never watch it. :r

You guys are great as are the rest of the media out there. There is no war, buy them both. It is no doubt that the Blue Ray is the leading more superior format, that boasts a 67% market share in the US, a 70%+ in Europe, and over 90% in Asia markets. If you like Transformers then buy a $199 HDDVD Toshiba, and you can still have a Sony player for $399, that has all of the Fox, Disney, MGM, Pixar, etc. titles. No big deal.

No kidding about product placement. It felt like a 2 1/2 hour long GM commercial. :stuck_out_tongue: