Transform a liteon 5001 to 5005

hi to evrbdy, its my first post
In old closed liteon ufficial forum i was talking with a french guy who made an hacked firmware for 5001 that can permit to record on cd-r and dvd-r.
Do you know smtk about it? or do you know if a 5001 can be upgraded with an 5005 firmware?
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Hi I would say it is possible, here in the UK I have a LVW5005 and as always am curious to look at the workings and one of mine dated "week 32 2004 " had a board inside which said LVW5001 REV4 the drive when google searched brought up two reviews for the LVW5001. !! thus the only thing I can think of is firmware that prevents the 5001 from recording to DVD-R/RW or CD-R/RW

in old discussion they told me that was the checksum different what dont permit the change of FW
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It seems the latest 5001 firmware (1080) has a different checksum strategy with respect to the older versions (in fact the old 3-hour and MV hacks did not work at first on version 1080).
Maybe it is now possible to load the 5005 firmware in the 5001.

Now that I have updated to 1080 I’d be willing to try to load the 5005 firmware, but how do I download the correct 5005 FW from the Liteon Website?
I know there are different flavours of 5005 each with some hardware difference.
Given the serial number of my 5001, how do I make up the serial number of the 5005 that was based on the same hardware ?

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All I can say from spending a few hours in LSI website the chips used 8600 family can write to + and - medias

the highest firmware for the LVW5005 based on 5001 board is the 0080

So pls can smbdy give me a serial number for a 5005 with 5001 motherboard and scart European (rc2) ,i’llto try to download a 5005 fw, and try to hack it and install it

Answer from ILOHacker (the guy who made the hacking utility) about a swap from 5001 fw to 5005: Tks for his immediate answer.

yes it is possible, I need someone with advanced knowlege of ASM to help me, I have the VxWorks OpCode list.

smbdy is expert about it?

The 5005 serial number with hardware matching a European 5001 should be

0102 0243 0076 F2SC

tipyng this serial on the liteon website, you should be able to download the 5005 firmware version 0080.

I guess the 5001 will refuse to install 0080 firmware because it has 1180 onboard and 0080 appears to be older than 1180.
The version number is visible in the 5005 FW using an hex editor at address 0xD8: it would be interesting to see what happens if we manually change “/ 80” to “1180”.
Maybe the 5001 will load it…

tks. i downloaded the file, hacked it but liteon 5001 saw the upgrade cd like a data disc, it needs more hex editing

Maybe the version number is included in the master checksum ?

Just had a look on the Liteon Firmware updates site and found that Liteon have produced a +R / +RW burner only model 401s now I think this may only have gone to the PC market, since the two reviews for the 411s drive came from the liteon LVW5001

one final point if we can crack this for the 5001 could the same be done the the 5002 ? updating the firmware to the 5006.

Hi cdfreaks!

Paz, I followed your procedure and downloaded the 5005-2080 FW from liteon. But: no luck… :sad:

If I change the filename from “LNFB2080.DS1” to “LNEB2080.DS1”, the 5001 recognizes a firmware-disc on bootup and says “FW-UP”, but immediately stops and displays “FAIL”.

From what I have read so far, upgrading a 5001 to a 5005 consists of 2 steps:

First: you will have to load a modified firmware for the 5001 that will allow it to recognize a 5005 FW at all.

Second: you can load the 5005 FW into 5001.

Unfortenately I forgot the URL where I read this.
It was something like: “liteondvdrecordermod”.

Any ideas ? (Google finds nothing) … :slight_smile:

one idea…
lets start your brain and you must REMEMBER the ADRESS
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Hi alex!

This is not just “thread bumping”, is it? :smiley:

It was someone in the uk, and that guy did a lot of work on upgrading a 401 drive to a 411 and then to a 811.

But: thats all I can remember…for now…


This is the adress you was talking about?
the first is close, the 2 is up

but talk about burners , not standalone recorder.
hi alex

any news about it?
i hope smtk is moving by ilohacker.

unfortunenately nothing seems to happen.

Besides of the fact that my 5k1 is ageing and ageing and… :bigsmile:

Kain at Techolio managed to crossflash an Ilo04 to a LiteOn 5005x —>

Unfortunenately the “Checksum adjustment method” he uses does not work on 5001/5005:

Firmware LNEA1180.DS1 for 5001 for example needs an adjustment value of $30.

Firmware LNFA2080.ES5 for 5005 uses an offset of $50.

So I took LFNFA2080.ES5, changed the checksum for an offset of $30, and renamed the file to LNEA2080.DS1. But:

5001 still does not accept the Firmware-Disc: “data disc” in normal Mode and “eject” in Boot mode… :frowning:

Dunno why… :frowning: