Transferring Video to PC

Hi guys,

Im new in this area, and currently Im having a problem. Im using Panasonic HDC-DX1 camcorder, had recorded some video onto the DVD-R (DL). I want to back it up on my pc but I do not know how to go over transferring the video to my PC. Can anyone please guide me along.


Welcome to the forum. Well I use Roxio for my video editing. Version 9 is still around (maybe) but Roxio 10 is excellent way to begin to take your treasured memories to the digital age. Using a DVI cable from you camera to the PC is all else you will need! Take a look at Fry’s for it is on sale for 39 bucks after rebates. Good Luck

Since you are writing directly to a DVD, I’m guessing that you file is in MPEG2. You will need an mpeg2 editing software. Roxio and Nero can do this, but are the lowest level of programs. Next up are programs like Ulead Video Studio and Pinnacle Studio. Then there is Adobe PRemiere, and Vegas Movie Studio. Womble MPEG, and a slew of others. You may want to look at, and also read some of the stuff in the forum for video editing.