Transferring project from dvd-rw to dvd-r (Philips DVP3020 DVD player)

[qanda]This thread is about the Philips DVD player. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]I struggled for a long time to be able to create a dvd of pictures and video that would play on my dvd player.
I finally was directed to an open source program “DVD Flick” that accomplished my goal. However, because of all the trial and error attempts I was wasting too many DVD-R’s, so I ended up burning my successful project to a DVD-RW.
So now that I’m happy with the finished movie, I want to preserve it on a DVD-R. I attempted to just burn the saved “converted” file from my video folder to a brand new DVD-R inserted in the E drive, but after it was done burning, it would not play in the dvd player.
Then I tried uploading the completed project (on the DVD-RW) back into a folder and then re-burning it from there to a new DVD-R…but it wouldn’t allow me to do this??
What is the simplest way to get my finished (encoded) movie from my DVD-RW to a DVD-R?

Also, would I be better to record another movie project ( jpegs + mpegs) on the same DVD-R, and will a dvd player recognize them as separate projects? Or is that a waste of DVD-R’s and maybe I should just burn them to CD-R’s? What’s the difference, other than price and available space?

Thank you

for the job from DVD-RW to a DVD-R,i recommend you to try DVD Copy Express. if you want to burn MPEG file into a new disc ,you can try DVD Creator, and it can help you to do so. please have a try