Transferring programs

I just purchased an external hard drive. I would like to use it to store large programs such as Microsoft Office, iTunes, etc. I still want to utilize the old one for other programs. How can I transfer programs such as iTunes and make sure all of the files needed are transferred with it? I would like to use some icons on the desktop to start programs in the new drive also. Can anyone help?

Have you tried using the Microsoft Office installation disc and selecting it as the install location ?

Other programs like itunes you should be able to select the same way

This is a good question but you won’t like the answer. When you install a program on your computer there are keys written to the registry containing all kinds of information, one of them usually being where things are installed, including drives and directories. There are usually some dll’s and perhaps some other program specific files written to the drive the program is installed on as well. So the short answer is that you will more than likely have to reinstall the programs on your new drive. If there is an easier way, maybe someone else will post it.

Thanks for the information. I thought that might be the answer, but was hoping for something simple! I appreciate your time and help.