Transferring pc screen to TV?

My wife purchases movies online which she views on her screen but I for some reason, can’t look at a movie on a pc screen so I would like to view the movies on my TV. I don’t have any more available slots to install a PCI video card that can transfer my pc screen to my TV. What options do I have here for this please? Thanks.

To Burn to DVD
Nero Recode, if you have it.
Or might still have the freeware version of DivxtoDVD by VSO software.

To Play on your PC
You might also try looking at for the K-Lite MEGA codec pack, since you aren’t sure what format the movies are actually in.
The mega codec pack can play practically every major video type on the planet :wink:

Also update your video card drivers, maybe just use windows update & select “Custom” rather than express install.

I’m guessing you have onboard video, and not a proper video card with S-Video out?

Correct, only the regular vga out.

My pick would be the Avermedia boxes, but they are rather expensive.

Good luck,

Or he could upgrade his video card to one with S-video out, if he doesn’t care about gaming performance then he can get a decent card with S-video out for $25-30.

Yeah, except for:

Looks like he will have to go with something like QuaiBoy suggested. :iagree:

Oops, I blindly missed that :doh: . Mike, your video output is built into your motherboard then? And no AGP slots? :frowning: