Transferring multiple Xvid files to a DVD?



Hi guys, hope someone can help!!

I have a few (13) avi files which are Xvid files. Can anyone tell me how I can get them onto a DVD to play on my Divx compatible DVD player? My DVD player is a Pioneer DV575. Can I use imgburn in some way? Or do I need to buy Nero or something similar? Am so confused - downloaded imgburn because I thought it might help but it only creates .img files for each avi file, and Im not sure if it can create one .img file for all 13 files in one go?? Or maybe I dont even need imgburn at all?? Help!!!




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Yes, you can use Imgburn. Select the “Build” mode, then select all files you want to put on the DVD disc, and press the big calculator button to see if selected files are too large to be fitted on a disc. If too large, remove some files :wink:

Then select your burning method: you can save an ISO file on hard disc and burn the ISO after, or burn directly files on the DVD disc. To swap you need simply to select the method you like from the “Output” menu (device will burn files directly on the disc) :slight_smile:


The Pioneers don’t seem to like DVD+RW media for this, at least my DVR440 doesn’t and I believe that the Panasonics don’t either…


Thanks guys, am using imgburn as you said right now!! :>)


Hi, a slightly different question. Can anyone tell me how I can convert said Xvid files to DVD format? Not sure if that is the correct technical term, but my sister doesnt have an Xvid compatible DVD player so am trying to get the files converted so they play on her player. Can anyone tell me how to do this??




There are lots of different conversion programs available. Ulead Movie Factory 5 is recommended if you want a commercial product. ConvertXtoDVD is another. These two are relatively inexpensive as far as encoding programs go.

If you’d like to try a free one, look at SUPER, MediaCoder or AVI2DVD. No guarantees with the free ones of course.