Transferring From Tivo to DVD


Obviously a case of not doing research up front. I bought an Insignia DVD Recorder/VCR. Well, guess what, I can’t transfer from Tivo to DVD because of (apparently) macrovision. I get the “copy protection” message.

Are there machines out there that will transfer from tivo to dvd? (I.E. beat macrovision) At his point, I would consider settling for being able to transfer to videotape and dubbing it to dvd. Yes, you guessed it. I can transfer from Ticvo to Videotape, but get the same message when trying to get it to DVD.

thanks for the help and apologies up front if this is a most basic question.


use a macrovision remover such as:
it is connected between machines using scart input/output sockets.

Step by Step guide for transfer tivo to dvd

I have a replayTV 5000 and a Panasonic DMR ES15 and have no problems.

I use the TIVO software to convert the video to a MP4 file then convert it to MP2. Works pretty well for me.