Transferring from dig audio recorder to PC

This is for a friend. Really.

He’s going to get a digital audio recorder to record live shows. (he has cassette now). He doesn’t have any media software like Nero. What does he need to transfer the files in the recorder to his PC other than a USB port?

I told him if he can get them on PC then CD, I can edit with Nero wav editor. Without an editor, tho, I can’t see how he’s going to split the wav up – it’s going to wind up as one big file too big for 1 CD? if it can even be transferred?

I’d offer to upload to my PC, but he lives 4 hours away.

He’s a little tech-shy, to say the least, and he doesn’t want to spend on software while he’s spending on the recorder.

What type of recorder is it that will be used (DAT, HiMD [minidisc]).

Also, is it going to record without compression (eg PCM, WAV) or a compressed format (MP3, ATRAC3plus).

The best way is to transfer a digital file is thru the USB (or Firewire) port. This will preserve the original digital signal. Then you can load the file into your .wav editor. One freeware editor is Audacity. A very good shareware editor is Waverepair. Wave repair makes it fairly easy to split a .wav and create a .cue file. If the length exceeds a CD’s capacity, split the .wav into two or more files.

If you are going to have a single wav file uploaded then Waverepair is good like Gamma1 said. It would be better to keep the info as a single wav file, as that way you can remove background noise / clean up the live recording all in one go, rather than having to split into separate sections and edit.
You can rip into tracks / files at the end before your burn the CD.

More info on the digital audio recorded needed to give any more suggestions :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for your answers.

I will look at both Audicity and Waverepair and see what I think I can walk him thru on the phone.

My other question is this:

All he has now is Sonic that came installed on his Dell which he uses to copy discs.
If he doesn’t get a wav editor, what happens when he tries to upload the file, which I understand is one very large wav file, to his PC.
Will XP just take the file, store it where he says, and then there he is with a giant file and no way to edit it?

Thanks again for your help. This board rawks!

Want to post an update. My Luddite friend has yet to do anything at all about this, so I don’t know how it’s going. He really doesn’t like computers. LOL

Hi MelissaR, Somehow I never saw you posted question from 3 weeks ago… sorry.

If the large wav file will fit onto one disc, then you should be able to burn it with Sonic no problem. The problem is that you can’t select tracks, and skip forward / backwards, or name the tracks etc. More of a convenience issue probably.

If the file is too big for a disc, then I think you have no choice but to edit it.