Transferring files via ftp

Would I be able to transfer some save files through an ftp connection. I have heard all over that i need evox to allow ftp access to my xbox, but could i just use an unmodded xbox to transfer the files?

An unmodded xbox doesm’t have ftp access. Evox, unleashX, ava, etc all provide ftp access. You need a chip/tsop or softmod. Or, if it’s purely gamesaves you want, a gamesave exploit (007/Splinter Cell/Mechassault) would work fine without modding your xbox.

If none of the above, then it’s mem cards, which can only copy so much (no kotor/NG/etc.)

yeah thanks…i just picked up a madcatz mem card and now im doing a memcard to usb adapter, i just gotta solder the wires and im set. And im doing a softmod with the original splinter cell.

Cool, my xbox is softmodded with UXE and nkpatcher+shadow c:. I’ve got a 40gig drive in, but I want to put something larger in.

Same here, but with the streaming capabilities of XBMC, a 40gb hdd suites me find. I don’t really care too much about games on the hdd. Besides, some games load slower from the hdd.