Transferring files to blank DVD

Hi y’all. This concerns transferring files to blank DVD. Aside from having files on my desktop pc harddrive, I also have files on an external harddrive. When transferring files to blank DVD, is it better to have those files on the desktop pc harddrive, instead of from the external harddrive?

My nephew says it’s better to have it on the desktop pc harddrive, but more opinions are better than one. Thank you :slight_smile:

In my opinion your nephew is right. IDE channels are faster than USB2 or firewire connections. The only issue can be if burner and source harddrive are on the same IDE channel, but it’s anyway faster than an external drive.

If Time is Irelavent,ie. you got plenty of time to spare,then Make a new Folder on Desktop n Copy files to it from your External HD. Then use your Fav Software n Burn…
If another 2 or 3 minutes added to the waiting time is nothing to you, then Copy from that External HD to DVD-R/DVD+R…-----I burn from my 200Gbt External HD with no problems.Do what is best for you!..Take Care.

Thanx for the replies:)

Yes time is not really an issue. I thought maybe there would be DVD disc errors if it came from an external harddrive. Also, I think the hardrives get more fragmented if I keep copying to desktop folder from external cos i’m moving rather large files, but that is what I’ve been doing. Glad to know there’s nothing wrong with transferring from external.

Actually the question is a little more complicated.

Nowdays there are many 16x certified media, and DVDs are not like CD, in which often burning at a lower speed improve quality.

For DVDs is better burning at certified speed or near it (i.e. a 8x media is better burn @8x or @6x; a 16x media is better burn @16x or @12x, or @8x at max).

If your external hard drive is not faster enough to supply data to burner for an high speed burning like 12x, then is better to copy data on an internal (IDE) HD. Also if all burners today have mechanisms to prevent buffer underrun, the less these mechanisms are used and better is the quality of burned media. Too many fluctuations of buffer can give a low quality burn.

Ahh Thanx geno. I got a new external Western Digital 160 GB harddrive, with a new pc bought last year, but it sounds like it is better overall from the desktop pc. Thanx again:)

You’re welcome