Transferring data via Infrared


I want to know what an Infrared port is. I want to be able to transfer data from my mobile (nokia 5210) which supports infrared onto the pc. Now i dont think my pc has an infrared port. Can anyone tell me what it is and what it looks like. can anyone help me transfer data from my phone onto that pc.

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What an IR port is? In fact, an IR port is nothing more than some kind of receiver that reacts on IR-light and relays the received signal. By coding a bitstring, different signals can be sent and received.

An example:
Remote control: you push “play” -> RC transmits 10110111 -> CD player goes on play

If there’s one in your PC? I don’t know. Usually it’s in your devices list in the hardware manager of Windows, called Infrared ports.
If your PC isn’t a laptop the chances you have such a port are quit small. If you don’t have a OEM pc (Compaq, Dell etc) the chances are even smaller.

You can buy different kinds of IR ports: USB models, models that can be connected directly to the mainboard (most mainboards do have an IR connector), or even some vintage serial ones…