Transferring copyrighted videos to dvd

Hi, my boss purchased a dvd recorder/vcr so that he could preserve all of his videos, including some that are copyrighted. I have no problems transferring their home movies to dvd, but keep getting an error message when I attempt to copy a copyrighted video to dvd. Is there a way around this? Thanks in advance.

It can be done, but you need VHS Stabilizer, check this site.

It may be difficult to hook it up to a combo drive unless there is VCR output and DVD recorder Input connector. If not, you will need second VCR and use that with stabilizer in between to record onto DVD.

I recommend: SIMA GoDVD CT200 which is awesome.

@ Jolie30, read this…

I agree with macro,the sima go dvd is pretty good and inexpensive to buy to
copy your vhs tapes that you own which are encrypted. It also works on dvd’s.
Also one feature which is pretty good about is the ability to make the video
with a more darker resolution or black,and white. I think you can buy it on line
or circuit city used to carry them.
Good Luck ZAP.