Transferring Blu-Ray to Hard Drive for Streaming

I have started converting my DVD’s to MP4 files for streaming to my TV. I have everything going and I happy with that part of it. However, the software I use to convert the DVD files to the MP4 files (Handbrake) doesn’t support blu-ray, it doesn’t even show the drive let alone the files on the drive.

I am using AnyDVD HD to remove the copy protection.

Can someone recommend a good (preferably free) program that can take the blu-ray movie file and convert it to MP4? I only care about the movie at this point and I want to take it down to the quality of the files I am getting from my DVDs. which is between 500MB and 1000MB for the MP4.

Yes, I know loss of quality, but I am happy with the quality I am getting.



Get a new version of handbrake. It has no problems with .m2ts files from Blu-rays nowadays. So just use AnyDVD HD and then select a .m2ts file from the Blu-ray as the source. Make sure to figure out which one has the feature movie in it.

From 0.93:

'Universal input

HandBrake is no longer limited to DVDs: it will now accept practically any type of video as a source. This massive enhancement was achieved by tapping into the power of libavcodec and libavformat from the FFmpeg project.’

It’s just fronting for ffmpeg, and ffmpeg understands a LOT of file formats.

If you’re gonna make 1GB .mp4s from Blu-rays, you had better downsample them to 720p or better yet, to 480p (852x480). 1GB just isn’t enough for an HD movie, even with H.264.

I convert SD content to MP4, but if I make an HD file, I make it a .m2ts. I do this by making a MKV using handbrake and then using mkv2vob to convert it to a .mpg file, then just change the extension to .m2ts.

Thanks. I will check that out.