Transferring a Nero installation to a new O/S

I recently upgraded my O/S from Win 98 to Win XP. I have 2 HDDs, one runs Win 98 and the other XP. I have the full Nero version installed on my old O/S, which came with my Lite-On 40125S drive. I can’t find the CD. Is there any way of me transferring the old installation to the new O/S, or using the old installation to properly activate a version downloaded from the website?

When I try to just make a direct shortcut to the executable on my old HDD, it just says that:

The Win-ASPI file WNASPI32.DLL can’t be found, therefore you can only select image recorders.

Please reinstall Nero to receive a Windows ASPI manager installation.

Booting under Win98, run regedit to copy the serial number listed in

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Ahead\Nero - Burning ROM\Info\Serialx

After downloading the latest Nero and Language pack (needed for help files!) from Ahead, run both installation files under XP; then call up Nero, and in the personalize box input the copied serial key.


Your are welcome, Devils Advocate!:bigsmile: