Transferred MP3 files into itunes are just TRACK 1, TRACK 2, etc., no artist info!



I hope this is the correct Forum.

I burned a Cd with 10 separate albums and they are all MP3 files. When I opened up itunes and transferred the mp3’s into itunes,they are only listed as TRACK 1,TRACK 2, etc. Is there anyway to maintain the artist,song name,album,genre information, or do I have to re-name each individual track once I transfer to itunes?
Would it work to convert Mp3’s to cda,wav, or wma files onto a DVD, then try to transfer into itunes?

Thank you.

(Usually, I create folders in Windows Explorer and put my Classic Rock,Blues,jazz Mp3 files in a folder,then drag them into itunes, and they usually get named in itunes, but from a MP3 disc CD to itunes, there is no artist,song name,listed, and I have to manually name each song,which as you can imagine, is a pain.:confused:


Are these mp3 files properly tagged?..There’s this wonderful tool called mp3tag…Import the file(s) in question and insert Metadata(tag) info…Then iTunes should recognize the info properly…I normally use EAC, dBpoweramp or foobar2k to rip, convert and properly tag …No issues importing in itunes…
Since you’re talking 10 separate albums on a single CD, my guess is they’re not properly tagged…And you did not rip from original CD’s…