Transferred DV to DVD, PC won't recognize



I had the bright idea that rather than trying to capture 8 hours of tape for editing, I could transfer through DV from digicam to DVD-R recording, then just capture the bits & pieces I want for editing to my HD. Problem now is that my recorded DVD won’t play in either DVD drive on my computer. Can you tell me where I’ve gone wrong?


I believe that you have to use a program to capture digital video into either AVI, or MPEG mode in order to edit it and then it needs to be encoded before it can be burned to a dvd in a format that dvd players can read.


I’m not trying to edit from the video transferred to DVD, just trying to capture part of that video. Obviously, it’s not working…I tried a different brand of disk & also tried transferring component instead of DV, but while the transferred video plays fine on the DVD/VHS recorder, it doesn’t play at all on either DVD drive on my computer.


AHA! I think I have to finalize the disc on the recorder, then try playing it on the DVD drive in the computer!