Transfering programmes from V+ to dvd



:sad: I have recently purshased the Argos Value range DVD recorder that is brilliant. I have now got loads taped on my V+ harddrive and would like to transfer alot of the films onto DVD. I am pretty sure I can do this but I dont know how!!!

I am able to pick up the terristial tv on the dvd recorder and tape programmes but is there a way I can tape straight from the Virgin tv onto the DVD recorder???

I hope that made sense!
I need your expert help please!!!:stuck_out_tongue:


Hi Princesssbee, and welcome to CD Freaks :slight_smile:

Does the Argos DVD recorder have a SCART ‘IN’ socket at the back?

[B][I]Edit:[/I][/B] OK if it’s this one:|category_root|Home+entertainment+and+sat+nav|10199181/c_2/2|cat_10199181|DVD,+Blu-ray+and+video|10199337/c_3/3|cat_10199337|DVD+recorders|10199338/r_1/4|Price|50+<%3D++<%3D+124.99|2/r_3/5|Brands|Argos+Value+Range|1.htm

…then it should have.

Basically you need to connect the two machines together, between SCART ‘OUT’ socket on the V+ box and the SCART ‘IN’ socket of the DVD recorder.

You then set the recorder to start to record from its SCART ‘IN’ (may be referred to as the ‘external’ source in the manual), and then start playing back the V+ recording. The DVD recorder should record the signals coming down the SCART cable.

BTW if you don’t have a SCART cable, then any cheapo version will do the trick as long as you get one that’s described as ‘fully-wired’.


Thanks so much!!!

I had got the scart bit right just not the Source!!!

Thanks so much!!!


Hopefully that means it worked…? :wink: