Transfering LP;s and cassettes to cd, Help



Any tip's? I need al the help I can get. I've never done this.


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When I transferred some tape songs to my computer a while back, I connected my tape player (via the headphone port) to my sound card’s line-in port, using a regular audio cable. Then I played the tape, recording wav files from the line-in source on my computer, and then converted the wavs to mp3.
There’s probably a more elegant way to do this, but at least it got the job done.


Connect the Line out of your stereo to the Line in on your sound card, this will ensure as little quality loss as possible (though there will definately be one, going from analogue to digital)

Then you need recording software, such as Cooledit Pro, to record the music to your harddisk as a *.wav file. You can then choose to do 2 things, you can burn the wav file as an Audio CD or you can convert it to *.mp3 files and preserve it as a data disc that you can play on any computer and even some stereos, if they support MP3 playback.

Perhaps if you use this forum’s search function you may dig up some old topics on similar subjects (it has been a while since I last saw a similar question, so the info may be outdated, but worth a shot).

I also believe that Roxio Easy CD Creater DeLuxe has a built in feature for this, I believe it is called Spin Doctor, but I could be mistaken.


If you’re copying from a single album then it would probably be a good idea to record it to a single .wav and then use a cue sheet to define where each track starts… Just a thought.


Check out this link:

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When you want to transfer an lp to a cd remember to use a pre amp for the record player (you can’t just connect it to the line in of the soundboard)
My own setup for this includes the computer on the tape out and on the aux in( so I am able to monitor the recording)
Furthermore when you have recorded a lp to an cd (with cooledit pro) there is the possibility that you clean it first. Use the effects menu and go to click/plop eliminator. Let it autofind all levels.
After this open a browser for the so you know where to cut the complete wav track and burn the whole bunch of wav’s to a cd ( add cue points, then in the cue list select everything (don’t forget to put a cue at the start and the beginning of the track) click merge and select the complete cue sheet again, now you click batch and save the files.
(you can also opt for the decrackling at the last stage before burning to cd, this will provide better quality but costs more time)

For some further reading on the matter I advice the forums at
(if you opt for the cooleditpro solution then look in the tips and tricks forum with a interesting de crackle script)


Actually, I needed the info. for someone else who didn’t know where to look. Now he will need me to build him a system to do it.
Then I will have the money to build the P4 gaming rig I’ve been dreaming about,ZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…

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Connect your Cassette Walkman( Headphone port)/ Music System (Line Out port) to your PC’s Sound Card (Line In port).

Use any audio recording software to record your Sound Tracks or anything else as WAV /MP3 files.

For Best result use Roxio Sound Stream for such recording. I have successfully converted many cassettes in this way. Be sure to select the Cassette Preset before recording from this software. This cleans the background noise, disturbances, pops, clicks, hisses & so on.

This software comes bundled along with Roxio Easy CD Creator 5.xx Platinum.

For burning Audio CDs just drop the WAV/MP3 files in Nero, Feurio, EZCD.