Transfering HF200 to Mac



I just got a Canon HF200 camcorder but can’t figure out how to transfer to my Mac. It came with transfer software for the PC, but nothing for Mac. I can transfer *.mts files to my desktop, but nothing opens them.

Can someone please help!!???



Just use the usb cable that it comes with and import the clips using iMovie. From there you can open the clip with final cut or whatever program you plan on using.



ah… didn’t realize you had to do it via iMovie. Thanks!


I think you need a translator program (many are listed on the Apple website).
I think the newest version of Final Cut Studio will open them nativly, also.


Do you HAVE to have iMovie to do anything? I’m trying to download video from my HF200 to my Mac using the included USB cord and having no luck. It transferred only about 2 out of the 5 or 6 video segemnts and they were only transferred as JPEG file and not videos. Any ideas? I have just downloaded Final Cut Express 4 that I was gonna use for editing, but I can’t even download the video from camcorder to Mac to edit. Please help! :confused:



You may need to go to for further assistance!




You may need to go to for further assistance!


Thanks, I actually think it’s my card reader. It doesn’t open my SDHC cards but it does open my standard cards from digital camera. So I assume I need a card reader for the SDHC video cards. I’ll see if that works an checkout as well. Thanks!