Transfering data

I have a 80gig hard drive memory for my laptop and I just bought a 320 gig sata hdd and was wondering how I would transfer the data?

I want to use the 320hdd as my laptop memory and the 80gig as the external since I have a hdd caddy.

Also my current laptop hdd has a recovery thing on it would I be able to transfer that too?

You need to use a program like Norton Ghost or Acronis TrueImage to exactly mirror the contents of your current drive to the new drive. So, put the new drive in the external enclosure first, then do the drive mirroring, and then switch the drives, putting the 320GB inside your laptop, and the 80GB in the caddy.

You can use other programs, but it has to be something that will make an exact duplicate of the contents of your current drive, not just the data, but the OS files and everything else.