Transfer Tests worries

I’m new to scanning dvd’s for quality. I’ve been doing quality scans since I got my Benq 1655 and the results have been pretty good so far. I never thought to do a transfer test though and my understanding is that the green line is supposed to be a smooth arch across the graph. Well, I just scanned 2 TY 8x +r discs I didn’t get a smooth arch for either one. Is my drive busted or did I get a bad batch of media? The dvd’s have played fine and have low PIF errors but these transfer test scans look bad. I’ll post one here:

To be honest that looks like your PC was doing something else while performing the scan. Check for other programs using CPU time when your scanning.

Read errors will normally show a slow down for a bit with a small ammount of reading at the lower level and then an increase in speed again.

I guess that would explain it. I believe I had iTunes open and was transferring stuff to my iPod. I might have even updated my AVG antivirus. I scanned the same dvd in the same benq drive and got normal results:

why did it say p-cav in the first scan and cav in the second one? it’s the same dvd both times.

Thats the prob with transfer tests, you cant do anything else whilst theyre running

The P-CAV was because of the speed drops. CDSpeed though the drive used P-CAV even though it didn’t