Transfer test vs other tests

My burner cant do that pi test… is the transfer test somewhat acurate?

I mean if the midia has a bad result on the “advanced test” will that always show a bad result on transfer test, or can it be a horrible burn on the pi/pif/pof/* test but still do well on transfer test, making it kinda pointless? :Z

If I was limited to a transfer test, I would find someone with a Liteon or a BenQ and see what my normal burn looked like, and then do a transfer test on that disc and form a basis for a good disc. They I would know what a good burn looked like.

The problem with the transfer test is it starts slow and gets faster. Errors might be missed in the slow part and exagerated in the fast part of the scan.

What burner do you use? Most will do just fine with TY and Verbatim 8X media. If you are using cheap media a lot you should invest the $40 in a Liteon.

That was the test

Ill see what i can get something who can do better tests, problem is all this stuff costs almost 3x here then the us price. :[

I happen to have an NEC 3500 with the same firmware as you. I would not worry about any quality media. The 3500 is one of the best burners made. I have tested Ritek, TY, Verbatim, Prodisc, TDK, and Ricoh and it all burns as well as you can get.