Transfer Rate Test

Hey Guys,

I’m trying to trouble shoot slow burn times. What should I be getting on a CD/DVD Speed Transfer Rate test?


Transfer rate test is good for how the disk can be read back from the drive, not really good for burn times. Create Disk is what you would run for burn times to check how speed is running. Is the drive operating in UDMA 2 ? Can you post the screen shot you got from transfer test just so we can see?

idealy a read curve like this.

My curve starts below 4x and never excedes 8x. I must have an interface problem.


what drive do you have? 8X drives like my 811s will only manage that.

why not post the test.

I’ve been trying to but i keep on getting a safemode error? I’ve got a 1620 flashed to b9t7.


how are you uploading the image?
i do it by clicking the go advanced button, then manage attachments.

i don`t know about benq firmware, although b9tu is out you could try that

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Thats the error i get when i try to upload an image as per your directions. For me B97U wasn’t an improvment. I’m convinced i have a config problem as my transfer rate is so low.

Burst rate is 22mbs tho…can’t figure it out.


upload your image here
and just post the “forums” Embeddable Code to this site

Sounds more like a server problem at CD Freaks.

On the dw1620 it maxes out at 8X on the read test. IGNORE the read test as it has nothing to with the write test.

Since you have the bandwidth @ 22MB/s try the F9 create disk and waste a disc. Click on the discinfo button and see what type of media and media code and speeds are available. Hopefully it will goto 16X. If it doesn’t obviously you will not be able to test it to 16X.

Here’s a scan of a working dw 1620 for your perusal:

There’s a the Create A Disc…It’s a TY DVD+R 8x…Yuden T002


Which rate do you get in the cdspeed burst rate test ?

22mbs, drive is UDMA…cant figure it out.


You should not open a second thread discussing the same problem.

I posted this one to try and determine if the drive was faulty. I suspected that the read speed was slow as well. It has drifted OOT if a mod feels necessary to lock please do so.


Erm, what media are you using? I don’t know if that has been asked before or not…

Both TY DVD-R and DVD+R 8x…Also tried maxelle…


Don’t you have another dvd burner from a friend to test in your pc?
It’s hard to find a solution for your problem. I think it’'s the via chipset drivers.

The DW1620 only reads DVD+/-R at 8x.