Transfer rate test: what's good/bad/ugly?



Every once in awhile I have some TYG02 that have some dropoffs near the end when doing the Transfer Rate Test with CD-DVD speed. I understand that a smooth curve with no dropoffs is good, but what signal do I look for that a test is unacceptable? BTW, here’s an example. Thanks.



Another example, this time with a 8X-R Verbatim:


I’ve seen some transfer rate tests like that, with similar results. Do you also hear your drive slow down when those dips appear? Also, do you run the transfer rate test basically running by itself, or are you multitasking when this test runs? I find if I multitask when the transfer rate test runs, I’ll get dips, but my drive won’t actually slow down. If I let the test run by itself, the curve is normally smooth. So the biggest signal to look for is when you see a dip, does your drive actually slow down from a higher speed b/c it has trouble reading the DVD? If it does, then there’s a read problem.

Others may be able to elaborate more as to how many times you might get graphs like that with certain mids, but that isn’t information I can speak intelligently on. :stuck_out_tongue:


Unfortunately, I usually leave the room while the test runs! I’ll stick around during the next test or two and see what it sounds like. I’m not running anything in the background, BTW. Thanks!



Well, that shoots my suggestions down in flames, doesn’t it??? :bigsmile: Oh well… by the way, someone like Zevia, drpino, CodeKing, chas0039, perhaps Two Degrees, Gurm… might know a LOT more about this, as they are some of the true ‘gurus’ around here. I’m sure there are other ‘gurus’ or ppl who would know about this, but those are examples of ppl I know who would most likely know. :bigsmile:


Cool. Do you think they’ll see this post or do you recommend that I try to contact them or something? Thanks for your help, BTW :clap:



What the test is really telling you is that your drive is not too great at reading at 16x. Not unusual, very few are. If you look at the total time for the test, you might even find that it’s quicker at 12x than at 16x. If an error scan is good, don’t worry about it.


Thanks. BTW, what kind of transfer test result should cause me to worry? What should I look out for that would signal me that there might be trouble? Thanks! :bow:



Transfer tests are just part of the picture, the error scan tells you more about the disc itself. So like I said, if the error scan is good, don’t worry much about a 16x transfer test. If your drive consistantly has trouble at 16x on a variety of media, set it to 12x.