Transfer rate test comparisons

When using Nero CD-DVD Speed’s transfer rate test, should I only rely on tests done using my burner? My burner doesn’t support the disk quality test so I’ve been going back and scanning some of my burns using the transfer rate test. Tests done using my Lite-on DVD rom tend to look terrible, while tests done of the same disk using my NEC burner look ok. This isn’t always the case, some scans using my lite-on look identical to my NEC, but most of the time they look much worse. The scans I’m including are of a data dvd burned about a year ago, media code YUDEN000 T02.

I have a Liteon DVD-ROM drive, it would sometimes have reading issues of -/+R discs that were excellent burns. I sometimes used it for quality testing as well and it would, at times, give horrible test results with some discs that tested fine on my burner(s). It seemed almost random at times what discs it would throw a fit with, but the discs never translated into playback issues and they tested well in other drives. If they play fine and test ok in your NEC, I would blame the poor tests on a picky drive. Your Liteon will probably support quality testing technically, but -ROM drives are often ‘inaccurate’ for testing so burners are suggested. If you do decide to try quality testing, the appropriate testing speed to use for your Liteon would be 4x.

Thanks. I was getting a little worried…