Transfer rate in cdspeed falls down at 15.5x (3540a)

hi everyone
got a 3540a
i noticed that at the end of all my dvd+r (no name yuden000t02)when i check transfer rate in cd speed the graph completely gets messy and falls down to low speeds.
it happens at about 15x where until then the graph is smooth

qualities of dvdr’s is about 50 and all very readable

is it my drive or a cheap media or maybe normal?


Check the burst rate in CD speed. Should be about 22 mb/sec for 16X. In addition, ensure there is no activity on the IDE channels and the hard drive has sufficient space and is defragged.

If you are not getting 22 mb/sec check to see what mode the device is in.

thanks i’ll try it

anyone has another angle on this?

If your media is not authentic Taiyo Yuden then your problems can be expected…

i figure the drive slows down at the end of the disc where it’s less readable,
but is it a known issue?

b.t.w. my burst rate is 24 mb/sec so i guess no problem there

If your disc has a high amount of errors on it´s outer part, that is normal.

Do a quality check on that disc with Nero CD-DVD Speed, save as image and post here for others to see. Post the image of the transfer test too.


ok i’ll do that
b.t.w. if i burn at 4x or 6x instead of 8x the outer edge of cd will have less errors?

Maybe - but not for sure.

If the media is not genuine… Well I would have gotten myself some genuine media :wink: Most faked media sucks badly.

thanks for the advice ocfreak

excuse my ignorance … but how do i post jpg images of cdspeed to the forum? i cant seem to find the way.

Click the “Manage Attachments” button on the bottom of the page. You will be able to see it when you are going to post. Than upload the jpg files.

Also, take a look at my fake Taiyo Yuden DVD tests ->

This information is very important -> Interpreting PI/PO error scans


thanks engine for the reply
here are my scans. the other discs look similar.and there’s that slide in speed at the end. some discs get a quality score of 50 the way the dvdrs are ELK yuden000t2, not a noname.
anyone heard of this type?

That quality scan is very bad. The PI Errors shouldn´t be above 300 and the PI Failures shouldn´t be above 32. I am surprised the NEC can read that!

The bad quality burn explains the speed drop at the end of the disc. Good discs should read fine, at the maximum transfer speed.

I wouldn´t trust those discs to store my data.

Buy better quality media.


your explanation appreciated!
well i will definitely buy something else, and in the mean time check now and then for quality deterioration. i hope they’ll be readable in a year or so.
anyhow its mostly video files.
anyone has some info about durability of dvdrs?are they reliable for the long run and what types are good but not so expensive?

p.s. we are having a smilar discussion in the other thread so pls you dont have to answer twice…

If I was you, I wouldn´t trust those discs to store any data, video or not. The PI Errors an PI failures are too much above the limit. Some drives won´t even read those discs, particularly Standalone DVD-Video Players.

However this solution is more expensive. But that is me.


i’ll do some more scans and see if that was just a coincidence.
other discs had better quality.also will try to burn in the meantime at lower speeds.
anyway there is always a backup somewhere on EMULE…

but for temporary or backup they work great for me! I’m paying 15-16 cents a disc unlike others who are paying 40-50 cents just to have a brand name. The quality maybe a little better but the cost is just not economical. Generic tend to not go past 13x-15x during reading but I can live with that. This is a matter of quantity over quality. By that it is a factor of 1/2 to 1/3

er557, if you want to able to use that fake yuden media drop the speed to 4x to 6x and it should do. it is a 4x certified media rigged to say 8x inorder to sell for more then it’s worth. the things manufacturers do these day to make a sale is just immoral.

well, actually sugarmommyst ,i did a 4x burn and compared to my post above ,results still suck big time,
except the benchmark where its better speed at the end,but the pi po stuff is the same and even at times worse:
(maybe i should move to 2x…)

update! burning at 16x instead of 8 or 4 actually produced somewhat better quality scans and transfer rate!
and those ELKs are only 8x! before firmware 1.03 burning at 16x at times would be unreadable.
actually it reached only about 10x during the burn ,most of it was at x8 from the beginning and cut the burning time from 10 to 8 minutes.
but the method of burning was different(when burning at 8x it goes from x4 to x6 to x8)