Transfer Norton Ghost files to DVD+R

using Nero. How do I do this? If you could “Baby-step” me (BIG difference from walk :confused: ) it would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks.

If its a new version of ghost, make 2 boot discs, 1 with CD support & 1 without. There is the option for boot discs from the ghost tools.

Boot the PC with the bootdisc without CD support and launch ghost, when the PC asks for a destination folder pull down the drive list and the CDRW / DVDRW drive will appear in the list. Ghost’s newer versions allow burning straight to a +R(W) disc without any problems.

The 2nd boot disc is for when you want to make the backup DVD bootable. For some reason whenever I booted my PC with the CD driver boot disc I could not write to the CD drive. When the PC asks if you want to make the disc bootable, insert the other boot disc with the CD Drivers on it.

If you already have the images, make the CD boot disc only.

Go into nero & choose DVD - Bootable DVD from the menu’s.

Choose floppy disc for the source of the boot image (it will read it when it starts to burn)

Drag the image files over onto the DVD IN ORDER. The problem here is if you have not split the image files into DVD chunks you will have problems.

Burn the disc. Repeat as above for each set of image files. I would suggest you make each disc bootable using the same image.