Transfer movies to Tablets

I have the latest versions of Anydvd, DVD Clone, and DVD Clone Mobile. I just bought two tablets; Nexus and Blackbery Playbook. How can I transfer movies to these tablets like I did for my PSP and Ipod?

You could just see if the movies you’ve already encoded for the PSP or iPod will play on it. If not, the procedure is the same except you’ll need to encode to a format the new tablets can handle.


[B]Note:[/B] You don’t necessarily have to use this piece of software, It looks like it’s pretty straight forward of getting movies on the nexus as long as the container is correct.

[B]Blackbery Playbook:[/B];jsessionid=C32239C90FD6341FC03227D7D1FAB875?externalId=KB26068&sliceId=2&cmd=displayKC&docType=kc&noCount=true&ViewedDocsListHelper=com.kanisa.apps.common.BaseViewedDocsListHelperImpl

Understand the containers that each tablet supports, In some cases there will be some type of go between software involved to make the transfers happen. (IE: Itunes )


Do you have the Nexus 7? If so, you can use a free program called Handbrake to convert your movies to AVC H264 video and AAC audio. Save it as an mp4 file.

The Blackberry Playbook will also support that type of video.

Handbrake has a preset called Android High that will probably work just fine for this.