Transfer movies from computer to DMR-ES10



I have a Panasonic DMR-ES10 and I would like to transfer movies from my computer to the ES10 using a RAM disk.

When I try this I get a message that the disk is not formatted.

Also the disk contains files with the extension .VRO. This is not the standard DVD extension.

My main question is how can I copy a standard DVD to a DVD-RAM using my computer and then play it back on the ES-10

Thank you


RAM discs require DVD-VR format, and the disc must be UDF 2.0 formatted for the ES10 to read it. Also, some software creates non-standard VR discs that the ES10 may or may not be able to read.

Consult your software manual for creating DVD-VR format discs.

So you need first to format the discs in UDF 2.0, either with InCD or with the Panasonic RAM driver. Then author the discs in VR format, say 3 hail-Marys and hope for the best. :wink:

You may find that using DVD-RW discs and DVD-video format will be easier, although the ES10 should, in theory, be able to edit a VR RAM disc.


Thank you for the response.

In case I do the formating in the ES-10, this should be the correct format.

Please elaborate on how I can create a DVD-VR format disc. I normally use Nero version 7. If there is a preffered software, please let me know.

Thanks again


NeroVision claims to be able to create DVD-VR discs, you should find that as an option when you start your project.


Thank you.

I have seen the option create editable dvd which I presume is what I must select.

Unfortunately, I have a problem with Nerovision where as soon as compilation starts, Nerovision shuts down with no error message. I can try the compilation only after I have overcome this problem.

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Good luck, it’s a very buggy program.

My advice is to use DVD-RW for the job. I use RAM for taking recordings TO the PC, but not the other way around.