Transfer image in duplicator



hi friends i made copy protected cd but how to i transfer image in dvd duplicator, i am using Tech com Duplicator 1+11 , even i attach duplicator HDD with my pc but it show Unknown formated HDD.


CD for a DVD duplicator??

I believe there is no real protection anyway. What can be read can be copied, simple rule.


sir i added some dymmy track by using cd manipulator software, when i going to add cd image in duplicator after one minute disk come out it show bad master disk,even i try with nero same message bad master disk ,this indicate dummmy sector & protection will work


Is it possible to disable the pre-scan and/or verify functions that the controller uses when reading a master? It seems likely this will be necessary to copy a disc with custom protections that are not included in the controller firmware. I can view the features of that unit at Tech-Com, but I do not see a users manual available.


Yeah, in this case the duplicator integrated software/firmware decides if the image is proper or not. Like deanwitty described.