Transfer hdd dvd recorder's files to my pc

hi! i’ve recently bought a rh-7500 dvd hdd recorder and want to connect it to the pc to transfer the dvd vob files in the hdd of the dvd hdd recorder to divx once transferred to the computer.

i’ve opened the dvd hdd recorder and have removed the hdd from it and connected it to the pc through a usb2 hdd adapter (an external way to connect hdds to the pc). and the problem is that my pc detects there is something connected to it but doesn’t show it in the “MY PC” window, either i can browse it.

do you know if there is a way to connect the dvd hdd recorder or the hdd itself (as i’ve tried to) to the pc and make it browsable/watchable.
(i don’t wanna have to burn dvd-rw rewritable from the hdd recorder and then transfer that info to the pc if there is a better alternative to this).

thank you!,GGLG:2005-25,GGLG:en&q=rh-7500

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You can’t access the HDD from the PC? I’m not sure how RH-7500 is supposed to work but it’s strange even the “offline” HDD can’t be accessed in PC. Try Control Panel or Device Manager or Disk Management or whatever.

Could be some encryption used of the fileformat that the system uses isn’t windows compatible and so on.


These type recorders can use all different sorts of file formats and data formats.
Linux or OS2 is popular with some of them, it’ll probably take some utility for identification of the file format. But since Windows doesn’t see it, we know it’s not NTFS or FAT. Tools like Partition Magic or Acronis can sometimes identify unusual file formats.

Yeah you are right, you probably can transfer the stuff off the harddrive if you have the right tools and drivers maby ?

And a lot of systems (just like dvd players that can be made region free) can be hacked, patched or modified by the end users even if this voids the warrenty.

So you can get to the files anyway if need be.

Even if a device has a specific connection doesn’t mean it is activated or activated for both ways.

There are more and more receivers with USB2 connections, but most of them are crippled and limited in some ways.

“i’ve opened the dvd hdd recorder and have removed the hdd from it and connected it to the pc through a usb2 hdd adapter”

Even if you have removed the harddrive and connected it to the PC you probaly still need some sort of software to read the files or “remove the encryption”. There probably is something out there on the net if you can find it.

Thanks for pointing that out, Master.
Second stage, however, remains to be climbed upon. :wink:

Hi guys, I also want to transfer files from my Philips DVDR3440H recorder to PC… Can I do this with Ilink-firewire cable, and do I need software to do that?

Thx in advance