Transfer files to PC from Humax PVR




I am trying to transfer films etc from my Humax PVR to my PC. I have actually already done this sucessfully (and copied to DVD with help from this forum. Thankyou) but everytime try again the transfer starts, runs for 10/15 mins then fails. I’m not impressed with the Humax website (no search facility) just wondered if anyone knows of a good site for advice?



Helen; is this a different problem from your previous thread…? Can we assume you are having problems getting the recordings off the Humax; and [I]not[/I] with the subsequent processing and burning to DVD…?

What program are you using to extract the recordings?


Yes this is a different problem, exactly as you assume. Everything was working fine on my ‘test’ including burning to DVD. I am using the Humax software supplied with the PVR to transfer to PC. Now I am actually trying to transfer a film I actually want it doesn’t to do it. Typical!!


Presumably it is a USB connection? Is the cable maybe too long, or perhaps your laptop is working on battery rather than mains? Sometimes they need to be powered for an extended time of transfer that might be expected with a film.

Otherwise you could try Digital Spy - they have a Humax PVR section and probably better for the UK-based PVR machines. I got a lot of info about my Thomson DHD4000 from there… see here:

Please do report back here though if you manage to solve the problem :slight_smile: … and especially if you have further questions about converting or burning to DVD!


Yes it is a USB connection and the laptop was plugged into the mains. I’ll have a look a the link you’ve given me and let you know how I get on. thanks loads for your help.



Which Humax is it?
It may have only USB 1.1 too.



I’ve actually managed to transfer sucessfully again, it seems to be if I use my lap top while the transfer is going it will fail. So far i’ve done a further 2 files with no problem as long as I don’t do anything else whilst it’s going. Thanks for your help. Helen