Transfer dvd's onto cd's

Hi, I have many movies which take up a lot of space and I want to know if it’s possible to transfer them to CD’s and if so, are their companies who do this or do I need to purchase eqpt. to do it myself?

thanks for your help.

What format are these movies? Take up a lot of space where, on your hard drive? When you say CDs, do you mean blank Dvds?

You would need to convert the format to put them onto cd’s. DVD-video won’t work on cds as far as I am aware (there are VCD and SVCD formats for cds). Also, most commercially made movies are 4.5-8gb in size. A cd only holds 700mb.

It is possible to convert to xvid or divx avi and burn to cds. You would either need a dvd player capable of playing this format, or just play them on a computer.

To convert to divx or xvid avi files, look at programs like Handbrake, AutoGK or FairUse Wizard.