Transfer DVD RAM to DVD-R or RW?

I have a Panansonic DMR - E75V and have made the mistake of recording a ton of shows on a DVD-RAM disc. I have made chapters, thumbnails, edited for time… The RAM will only play on the DVR, no other DVD player or my computer will recognize the RAM. Is there some way that I can transfer the RAM to a DVD-R or RW? I have searched the forums but did not find anything

The only way of which I am aware are to copy it from a RAM compatible DVD player back to a DVD-R or DVD-RW that then must be finalised to allow it to be played on a normal DVD player. You will lose the width info when you do that so you’ll have to set the TV aspect ratio manually. AFAIK only Panasonic DVD players are RAM compatible. I’ve just bought a DVDS29 for less than £50 to do just that - it’s a nice machine.

The only other possibility is if you have a DVD drive in your PC that reads RAMs and then use some software to “construct” a DVD from the files. Sorry I can’t be of more help.

I do it all the time using the second method above. Many DVD burners now recognize RAM. TMPGEnc DVD Author works well to convert the oddball RAM video format.

You need a PC drive that can read RAM, obviously. DVD-VR will behave oddly in most software, sometimes the last session is all you get from it.
That said, the VRO file on the RAM disc is nothing more than a MPEG-2 format and can be re-named and used to author a DVD very easily. TMPGEnc-Author, now called Tsunami-DVD Author-Pro, is supposed to import DVD-VR discs, but I’ve not tried that.

DVD-RAM to DVD-R Conversion:

I followed this guide and I’ve already copied two DVD-RAMs worth of TV to DVD-R.