Transfer audio cd to HDD MP3?



I’ve done a quick search but can’t find what i’m looking for, but admittedly there were hundreds of results!

can anyone advise me on the best and easiest (because i’m a novice) way to transfer the contents of an audio cd to my hard drive in an .MP3 format?

thanks in advance to anyone who can help me :bow:



nero can save tracks into mp3 format, provided you have it installed. just choose save track from the menu’s, and mp3 as the format.


The perfect and slower way, EAC + LAME:

If you want something easier, try CDEx and that kind of rippers.
If you still want some kind of secure ripping and fast speeds, try PlexTools (only if you have Plextor) or Feurio. Both can use LAME DLL.


thanks for the suggestions.

i have nero installed already, so i think i will use that :smiley:

thanks again :bow:



Don’t you have to pay for more than 30 MP3s?
And you can’t use LAME, I think.


30 mp3pro’s.