Transfer and restore Pal DVD's back to its original time length and pitch?

After watching the movie Dark City so many times I decided to by the DVD since the tape is absolutly worn out!

I watch this movie when im depressed so it can take me away to my dreamscape.
It makes me feel good when Im feeling bad.

But after buying the DVD, to my dismay I discovered there was something not quite right!
I could not put my finger on it untill learning about DV and the different frame rate conversions and pitched up semitones that go on for adapting to 25fps Pal.

People say you cant notice the difference but thats a load of crap!

If I pay money to go to a concert and listen to an orchestra play in B"minor" because B"minor" makes me feel good, then I walk out of there at the end all tensed up feeling edgy, tight jaws, clamped fist. i have hardly got what i went to get in the first place.

Does anybody know if there is an easy way to trasnfer and restore Pal DVD’s back to its original time length and pitch?

If I buy region 1 DVD’s would it play at the correct speed and pitch?

Admittedly yes, there is a problem, in that when they convert cinema to Pal (24->25 FPS) they just simply speed it up by 1/25 of a second.

Usually though, they edit the audio so that it is the correct pitch.
I’d suggest you return this DVD & complain, as it’s obviously not mastered correctly.

Most DVD players will play both NTSC or PAL and recent TV’s will display either correctly, so you should be able to buy an NTSC version of the DVD & play it fine.