I’m trying to create a DVD in nerovision express, but it’s taking like 9 hours to transcode, what the hell is up with that? can anyone help me out here?? I’ve tried other programs but with the same results :frowning:

no one got an idea?

What are you trying to make a dvd from? I don’t use NVE but I think that i’ve seen some posts concerning very slow transcoding with NVE

i’m trying to burn episode’s of the simpsons that i’ve downloaded…
i’ve tried other videos too, but with the same results

Why don’t you try DVD Shrink for the “Encoding”, may be you get better result.

ok, tried DVD shrink, i can’t open the files with it…

i’m starting to think it’s taking so long because they are DivX files. Do they take longer to transcode??? If so, how can i speed up the process??


This is how this is done. If you want Nero not to Transcode (or recode to be more acurate) your video the video must already be in DVD Mpeg2 format. It has to be in one of the only two resolutions supported by the DVD standard:
720x480 or 370 X 240 resolution.

If the video can be generated in this format (like from a TV Tuner) you will get trancoding from 2X to 4X speeds of the original video in Nero.

Remember, if the video is not 100% MPEG2 DVD compliant Nero will have to MAKE it compliant and that is why it will take soo long. Also, this conversion will lower the quality of the video although the Nero RECODE module does a good job at it.

Hope this helps.

ok, well the stuff i’m burning is fine with all that stuff, yet it’s still taking like 9 hours to transcode 14 episodes of the simpsons…why??? :frowning:

Read Aldorp comment one more time.

I use the Plextor PX-M402U to capture video to the hard drive, and it uses hardware encoding to produce MPEG2 files that are DVD-compliant.

If I use these MPEG2 files to author a DVD using Sonic myDVD, the myDVD software can produce a DVD file structure on my hard disk (the VIDEO_TS directory) without transcoding. However, if I use the same MPEG2 files with Nerovision, I find that Nerovision insists on transcoding.

I found a thread here that explained how to speed up the transcoding (by totally uninstalling and then reinstalling Nero) and that did help, but I would still love to figure out whether it’s possible to stop Nero from transcoding altogether.

Any hints?

AS long as Nero VisionExpress sees the burning files even slidely DVD non-compliance, then start recoding them regardless, but if the burning files are fully complinat then would by pass the encoding process and start burning the files.

. It has to be in one of the only two resolutions supported by the DVD standard:

think there are more then 2
2 for pal and 2 for ntsc