Transcoding with CloneDVD 2?

I have a question for anyone who uses CloneDVD2 and might know the answer to this. When I have a DVD that is on my HDD (put there by DVD Decrypter) and I am going to use CloneDVD2 to split the movie onto 2 dics with 100% quality (meaning no compression)… sometimes in the "log file’ I get the following message and sometimes I don’t:

Target size sufficient. Transcoding disabled.

What is transcoding? If each disc is only going to have 3.8 gigs on it… then it shouldn’t use compression, right. But sometimes I get the above and sometimes I don’t. It is random.

Example: Mystic River (36 Chapters = 7.3 gigs)

I am going to split it into 2 discs while keeping the menu.
Disc 1: Chapter 1-18 (3.8 gig) with 100% on the bar
Disc 2: Chatper 19-36 (3.5 gig) with 100% on the bar

At this point it should say “Target size sufficient. Transcoding disabled” for both discs, but it doesn’t… which means it is compressing. Why, since both discs are well under the limits.


I think you have this message only when you don’t split the movie and the movie is over 4.7 GB… If you split the movie in two discs, maybe clone dvd 2 doesn’t show this message but don’t compress the movie.

Transcoding is the fact to compress the movie to burn it on a 4.7 GB dvd.

That is possible I guess. Although when I split my In Living Color… I got the Transcoder disabled message. Not sure why sometimes it says disabled and sometimes it doesn’t. I’ll have to run some more test unless there is someone that can give an answer to this.