Transcoding software

I just got my dvd burner to work finally, and after burning off a test disc that I wanted to be able to watch on an DvD player I noticed that the sound was a little bit ahead of the video, although it was not this way in the orginal file. I used the newest Nero to make the burn so Im guessing there was just something messed up in the transcoding. Is this a common issue or did I just get unlucky this time? Or should I be using a different software to encode the files to DvD format?
Also on a completly different topic is it possible to take either DvDs or files on a computer and burn them to a mini disc in such a manner that they can be viewed on a psp? Ive been thinking about getting one, but I don’t want to go repurchase all of my movies like I had to when dvds came out.

It could be the transcoder - which one did you use… Nero Recode?

It could simply be that your DVD player doesn’t much care for that kind of media.

Yes, there are programs to convert to PSP format. :slight_smile:

Gurm - quick question - I take it that as the PSP plays UMD discs and not DVD, you have to put the movie onto a memory stick and play it from there?

Until someone releases a UMD burner, yes. :frowning:

I was using nero vision express.