Transcoding Quality

I just have afew questions i’ve gone to DVD.Box.Sk and seen several quality diffrences in clone DVD images & DVDShrink, etc. Has CloneDVD’s transcoder been updated to give the best quality??. Most my movies are always 100% without extra’s so i want to know why does it sometimes show it being transcoding I thought 100% meant untouched quality or encoding??.


oh dear…

Of course.

100% = no transcoding. Even if it doesn’t show “Transcoder disabled”. Video Data is passed through the transcoder in this case (for the emergency situation of a mis-calculation), but the transcoder does not compress the video data. It probably removes unneeded redundant data (inserted to make the files “bigger”).

Thanks for a speedy answear :slight_smile: i’ve found DVD Shrink to be very close to CloneDVD in quality regards.

I’ve heard that the image quality test on is a fake.
It’s made to give the impression that DVDcopy has the best quality but the screenshots that are supposed to be from that program are identical to the original !!!